Once Upon a Timeline

S1E23. Comedy, Improv and Timing - In Conversation with Joanna Naugle

Episode Summary

We’ve had some great guests on the show already. We've explored many different genres, had lots of different opinions and so much wisdom from a very talented group of editing artists. But today we have our first comedy editor on the show, the supremely accomplished, Joanna Naugle.

Episode Notes

Joanna is a comedy and drama editor working out of Brooklyn, New York where she co-owns the award-winning Senior Post. She’s worked on a ton of great projects including numerous HBO comedy specials, lots of comedy commercials with big brands and multiple seasons of the Golden Globe winning comedy-drama series, Ramy.

Comedy is an utterly alien genre to me as it’s probably the only genre that I haven’t worked in, so I was keen to pick the brains of a talented comedy editor, and I wasn’t disappointed. Our interview was fantastic, and Joanna gave some brilliant insight into how she approaches the genre.