Once Upon a Timeline

Normal Service Will Resume Shortly

Episode Summary

I hope you are well, I’ve really missed you! It’s been a few weeks since we put out a podcast so I just wanted to reach out and tell you why. In the UK we’re in lockdown because of the Covid situation and since the New Year all of the schools have been shut. So, every parent has been homeschooling their kids and not having the chance to get much else done. Most of our small team here at Inside The Edit have kids and so we wanted them to put their families first during the homeschooling lockdown.

Episode Notes

Another contributing factor was that we never want to put out any substandard content to you, our wonderful community. Every single podcast episode, every single tutorial in our creative editing course, every single Bootcamp that we make has to be of exceptionally high quality. That has always been our philosophy at Inside The Edit and so putting out something that didn’t meet that was never an option.

The schools have opened again and we are raring to go. We’ve got tons of new content lined up for Once Upon a Timeline and we’ll be back to our normal release schedule next week on Thursday 25th March.