Once Upon a Timeline

S2E3. Persistence, Break Throughs & Editing in a Covid World: The Rise of David Fisher Part 2

Episode Summary

On this week's show, we have the concluding part of our talk with the very talented David Fisher. David recently cut the big-budget fantasy drama series, His Dark Materials for HBO and the BBC, but earned his spurs on many long-running dramas and soaps on British television.

Episode Notes

From a small village in the north of England with absolutely no connections to film or television, he relentlessly pursued a career in front of the timeline. While working in McDonald's by day, he was cutting and making films at night, and after several years he got his first big break as an assistant editor on a drama series.

This week, David tells us the second part of his story… how he made that jump to lead editor. What happened, how he did it and how long it took. It’s a great story, and it’s exactly the kind of inspiring tale we love on Once Upon a Timeline.

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