Once Upon a Timeline

S2E8. Fear & Loathing in the Edit Suite: The Growing Pains of Dan Crinnion ACE Part 1

Episode Summary

The path to edit mastery is never easy. It’s full of both highs and lows. We can navigate the dark waters of the post-production world; the politics, the production companies, and the crazy clients. But no matter how much we seek to control and overcome the numerous obstacles that are thrust upon us, there's the battle that will always be there if we let it....with our fear.

Episode Notes

Dan Crinnion has been nominated for a BAFTA, nominated for an Emmy, won the prestigious ACE EDDIE award for television drama, and he has come face to face with these internal struggles. In this week's show, not only does he tell us his story of how he rose through the ranks, but he also gives a ton of wisdom around battling the inner demons of creative confidence.

We’re really lucky to have this amazing editor on the show this week to learn from his journey!